VSSW Fernie 2020

Virtual Snow Science Workshop
Oct. 4 - 6

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Join us for a VIRTUAL livestreamed program with international-calibre speaker sessions, panel discussions and posters.

  • 14 Invited Speakers: representing nations across the avalanche community
  • 2 Panel Discussions: providing thought-provoking, interactive conversations
  • Poster Sessions: showcasing a wide range of cutting-edge ideas

Complete proceedings of the VSSW 2020 will be recorded and made available to registrants.

Understanding the significance of financial literacy and responsible lending is crucial in the fast evolving financial landscape of today. The forthcoming VSSW (Virtual Speaker Series on Winter) event, with a prestigious lineup of specialists, will explore this very idea in depth. One of them is Shania Brenson, a seasoned financial counselor who got her start by wanting to assist others in overcoming their financial obstacles...



What’s economics got to do with it? A behavioral economist’s view on risk-taking behavior in avalanche terrain

Red Chair Drift: A Unique Challenge in Avalanche Forecasting

The influence of climate change on avalanches – a potential view into the future

Communicating likelihood and probabilities

Chronicling an avalanche rescue at the height of the pandemic

The Howse Peak Search and Recovery Operation

Flow regime transitions and thermal equilibrium in avalanches

Rethinking the Heuristic Traps Paradigm in Avalanche Education

Observed terrain use as a lens for understanding decision making

Using immersive experiences for hazard identification training

Controlling the cognitive costs of coordination in distributed work teams: In other words, why ‘communication’ is a hard problem for mountain safety

Lifelong learning in avalanche terrain: The AIARE Risk Management Framework as a model for avalanche education

How to make avalanche bulletins more effective? Lessons from studying user practices

Autonomous multi-station avalanche detection system based on long-range radar technology for road safety at Bear Pass, BC


We received 50 poster submissions covering a wide range of topics. Registered attendees will be able to view the posters starting Oct. 4.


Panel Discussion #1 – Monday, October 5
Next Level Professionalism: Integrating Professional Snowmobilers with Established Snow and Avalanche Communities

Panel Discussion #2 – Tuesday, October 6
Finding Gold Dust: Mentorship in the Avalanche Industry

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