Guest Speakers

Ben Reuter and Sascha Bellaire

Ben Reuter Bio:
Ben is a researcher as well as an active avalanche practitioner. He has spent the last several years at SLF in Davos, Switzerland doing research on variations of snow instability as well as at Montanna State University in Bozeman looking into how weak layers fail. He is currently working in a project on climate change impact at Météo-France in Grenoble. As a mountain guide he shares his passion, trains aspiring guides and hopes for snow.

Sascha Bellaire Bio:
Sascha is a meteorologist who stuck his nose into the snow during his M.Sc and Ph.D studies at SLF in Davos, Switzerland. In more recent years he focused his work on coupled snow cover and numerical weather prediction models working in Canada, Austria and again Switzerland. Sascha is currently working at the Swiss weather forecasting service working on high resolution weather forecasting in complex Alpine terrain, where snow obviously can never be neglected.

The influence of climate change on avalanches – a potential view into the future

The future is uncertain. This is especially true for the impact of climate change on avalanche danger. However, in recent years research has shed some light on regional climate scenarios. In this talk we will combine the latest research on regional climate scenarios and avalanche formation. This way we try to lay out possible scenarios for typical future avalanche situation.