Poster Submissions

Education and Human Behaviours

Introducing high quality avalanche education in Eastern Europe via Erasmus Plus

Katalin A. Gillemot, Viktor A. Ágoston

Inviting Diversity into Avalanche Education: Appreciating a Snowmobile-based Practitioner Perspective

Alex Ibbotson

Relevant catchment area on the individual slope versus avalanche danger level dependent assessment radius

Markus Fleischmann

Avalanche Safety on a Shoestring

David W Lovejoy

Prevailing inaccuracies in avalanche risk management

Jan Mersch, Wolfgang Behr

Confidence in Absolute Perceptions of Risk

Matthew B. Stephensen, Christin Schulze, Torsten Martiny-Huenger

Cultural histories of avalanches: A global survey of avalanche-related oral traditions, language, performing arts, social practices, and rituals

Jerry Isaak

Instant inclinometry and avy risk check: Easy DIY kit and a study project

Matti Verkasalo, Jordy Hendrikx

Rethinking the Heuristic Traps Paradigm in Avalanche Education

Jerry Johnson, Andrea Mannberg, Jordy Hendrikx, Audun Hetland, Matthew Stephensen

Should I Judge Safety or Danger? Perceived Risk in Avalanche Terrain Depends on the Question Frame

Matthew B. Stephensen, Christin Schulze, Markus Landrø, Jordy Hendrikx, Audun Hetland



AviApp – Enhancing Avalanche Management with Automated GIS, 3D, Online, Real-time Data Visual Analysis and Modelling Nathan Kneisel, Derek Dumigan
Consistency analysis in the selection of the danger levels, avalanche problems and danger patterns in the first operative winter of the “Euregio Avalanche Report” Jakob Schwarz, Assoc. Prof. Ingrid Reiweger, Dr. Christoph Mitterer
How close are we to automated avalanche forecasting? Lessons from testing machine learning methods in Norway and Canada Simon Horton, Karsten Müller, Pascal Haegeli, Rune Engeset
Model-aided assessment and prediction of local avalanche risk Veronika Hatvan, Lisa Pulling, Andreas Gobiet
A new set of perceptually effective color palettes for snow profiles Simon Horton, Stan Nowak, Pascal Haegeli

Rescue and Case Studies

New Zealand avalanche patient resuscitation: Doomed to fail or room for improvement? Coronial analysis of NZ avalanche fatalities 2000-2019 Dr Malin Zachau
Recent Roof Avalanche Fatalities in the United States Robert Comey P.G.
Synoptic climatology of accidental avalanches in southwestern Europe Jon Apodaka, Marc Pons, Juan Ignacio López Moreno, Irati Zuluaga
Updated SnowCard Avalanche Accident Analysis Wolfgang Behr, Jan Mersch
Avalanche Patient Assessment & Resuscitation Flowchart Jacob Urban, Dr. Will Smith MD AvaLife for Professional Users and ALS Providers Manuel Genswein, workgroups for Avalanche Rescue and Mountain Emergency Medicine AvaLife Basic Avalanche Patient Management Manuel Genswein, workgroups for Avalanche Rescue and Mountain Emergency Medicine

Snowpack and Instrumentation

Deriving Weak-layer Strength Characteristic from Propagation Saw Tests Jeffrey J. Riedel
Modelling the behaviour of stratified snow slabs Philipp Weissgraeber, Philipp L. Rosendahl
Atmospheric circulation and avalanche activity in Svalbard: linkages in the context of climate change Holt Hancock, Markus Eckerstorfer, Jordy Hendrikx
Four Years of Glide Avalanche Monitoring at Olmsted Point, Yosemite National Park Ned Bair, Sue Burak
Norway’s operational avalanche activity monitoring system using Sentinel-1 Markus Eckerstorfer, Karsten Müller, Jakob Grahn, Eirik Malnes, Rune Engeset, Tore Humstad, Dag Anders Moldestad
Remote monitoring of snow cover pressure on the underlying surface Mikhail Ryabchikov, Aleksey Kaplin
Topographic Corrections of UAV-based Snow Albedo Measurements Andrew Mullen, Eric Sproles, Jordy Hendrikx
Understanding the impact of terrain and avalanche characteristics on the detection of avalanche debris in Sentinel-1 imagery Zachary Keskinen, Jordy Hendrikx, Karl Birkeland, Markus Eckerstorfer
An R package for snow profile analysis and visualization Simon Horton, Florian Herla, Pascal Haegeli
Comparison of different stability tests regarding their utility for snowpack stability assessments in guiding operations Anna Heuberger, Matthias Walcher
Developments for verifying (and improving) snowpack simulations at the regional scale Florian Herla, Simon Horton, Pascal Haegeli
Embedded ray-tracing in snow microstructure simulations Andrew Slaughter, Logan Harbour
Forcing and evaluating detailed snow cover models with stratigraphy observations Léo Viallon-Galinier, Léo viallon-Galinier, Pascal Hagenmuller, Matthieu Lafaysse
Individual Storm Event Influence on Seasonal Snow Depth Distribution in Complex Mountain Terrain – Case Study: February 26th, 2019 Deep Slab Avalanche Zachary Miller, Eric Sproles, Erich Peitzsch, Ross Palomaki, Karl Birkeland, Jeffrey Deems
Numerical homogenization of snow elastic properties Pascal Hagenmuller
OPTICE: The optical properties of dust in snow and ice to investigate the climate change, improve avalanche evaluation and refine the snow management Claudio Artoni, Llorenç Cremonesi, Claudia Ravasio, Barbara Delmonte, Marco Carlo, Alberto Potenza
Spatial Variability of Snowfall in a Mountain Catchment Gabrielle Antonioli
Avi-App: Mobile Snow Profile/Avalanche Collector, Real-time Data and Dashboard Visual Analysis Derek Dumigan

Terrain, Dynamics and Engineering

Dense snow avalanche modelling with Voellmy rheology: TRENT2D vs RAMMS2D Stefania Sansone, Daniel Zugliani, Giorgio Rosatti
Numerical modelling of the Coll de Pal snow avalanche with Iber Marcos Sanz-Ramos, Ernest Bladé, Carlos Andrés Andrade, Pere Oller, Glòria Furdada
Practical handling of release area uncertainties in avalanche simulations Andreas Tegethoff, Michael Neuhauser, Ingrid Reiweger, Felix Oesterle, Matthias Granig, Christian Tollinger, Jan-Thomas Fischer
The case study of the Avalanche of “Testa Grigia Orsio” of 11/24/2019 – Gressoney La Trinité – Aosta Valley– Italy Andrea Debernardi, Nathalie Durand, Valerio Segor, Alessandro Plater
Avi-App: Terrain, Predictive & Analytic Tools Nathan Kneisel, Derek Dumigan
Development of an automated avalanche terrain exposure scale (ATES v2) maps: Current and future Håvard T. Larsen, John Sykes, Andrew Schauer, Jordy Hendrikx, Rosemary Langford, Grant Statham, Cam Campbell, Michael Neuhauser, Jan-Thomas Fischer