Guest Speakers

Ben Yeager and Amanda Goodhue

Ben Yeager Bio:
Ben Yeager grew up in Northern BC. After attending the Mountain Adventure Skills Training program in Fernie, BC, in 2017, he was instantly hooked on the mountain lifestyle. Ben started working as a professional ski patroller at Castle Mountain Resort in 2018 and is returning this upcoming winter for his fourth season. In the summer you’ll find Ben riding his mountain bike all over western Canada.

Amanda Goodhue Bio:
Amanda Goodhue has been a patroller at Castle Mountain Resort in Southern Alberta for the last 9 seasons. She is a professional member of the Canadian Avalanche Association, and works as part of the avalanche forecasting team at Castle Mountain Resort. Prior to working at Castle, Amanda spent a year in Fernie taking the Mountain Adventure Skills Training program, which was initially got her interested in ski patrolling and the avalanche industry. 

Red Chair Drift: A Unique Challenge in Avalanche Forecasting 

This presentation will focus on a unique avalanche feature located at Castle Mountain Resort in Southern Alberta, Canada. We will be highlighting an incident that occurred in February 2019, which resulted in one full burial with a live recovery made using a probe line. We will also be exploring the different challenges that the mountain safety team at Castle Mountain faces being a smaller operation with a very active avalanche control program in a rapidly changing environment.